Black Castor Oil

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SevoiSuitcase Black Castor Oil Stimulates hair growth and helps heal skin for all types of hair and skin types. Our Castor Oil helps regrow hair in bald spots from alopecia ( hair loss), chemical treatments, and stress. Our Black Castro oil also aids in skin health by treating inflammation caused by bacterial infections. SevoiSuitcase Black Castor Oil can be used for eyelash and eyebrow growth. 


* Regrows hair in bold spots 

* Great for Eyelash and Eyebrow growth

* Anti-fungal

Instructions: Twist open the cap and use the droplet to measure the desired amount of Black Castor Oil. Apply to desired area. 

Face (Dry Skin):

Squeeze droplet to obtain oil and use about 2-3 drops of Castor Oil to your face by releasing the squeeze of the droplet. Rub your hands gently around your face until the oil is evenly spread. Best used at night so that the oil can absorb into the skin. 

Eyelash/ Eyebrows:

Use droplet to add a drop to your fingers. Rub your fingers together then gently apply to your eyelash or eyebrows. Recommended when applying Black Castor Oil to close your eyelids when applying. 

Ingredients: 100% pure castor oil

Note: Make Sure Black Castor Oil doesn't enter your eyes. 

*Since our products are all natural and organic, it’s recommended to keep the jar/products away from large amounts of moisture and to be kept in room temperature environments. This will help for a longer shelf life.


Even though SevoiSuitcase Skin care products are all natural we recommend doing a patch test first by putting a little amount on your hand or arm and leaving it on for 20 minutes then waiting to see how your body reacts.