Uvumba (Incense) Sticks Variety Pack (12 sticks)

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SevoiSuitcase all Natural Uvumba (Incense) sticks are welcomed with love and care. The variety is packed with its wonderful aroma when burned. Incense have compounds that are similar to antidepressants. knowing this, studies show that Uvumba (Incense)  activates receptors associated with the feelings of warmth creating an ease to anxiety and depression. Our Uvumba Sticks variety pack are amazing aromatherapy set that will set any mood or vibe. 


Temporary relief from bad odors/ smells

Used while meditating 

* Calming Effect

Activate receptors associated with feeling of warmth


Light up one end of the stick and blow the flame out. Allowing the smoke to burn around your surrounding environment and or objects. You can wand your stick around your environment or you can place the stick in a bowl or a surface that can hold heat. This allows purification and cleansing. The smudge stick smoke will eventually burn out and you can place in leftover stick on a safe surface for later use. 

Note: Sevoisuitcase and our company are not license doctors and can not give out medical advice. Our smudge sticks and crystals should be used as an enhancer to your healing process not a replacement. Please consult with your Primary physician for any medical advice.