Ghanaian Shea Butter

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SevoiSuitcase Ghanaian Shea Butter is Pure and Authentic imported straight from Africa. The beautiful ladies in a small farming community in Ghana work wonders with processing cold pressed methods from Shea Tree Nuts to form this lovely Shea Butter. Our Shea Butter is rich with Vitamin E and Vitamin A that has a creamy affect that spreads easily on your skin. Its organic thus can be used from head to toe. SevoiSuitcase Shea Butter is great for the entire family including children. 


* Rich & Creamy 

* Used all over the body

* Treats Dry Patches, Eczema, and Skin Conditions 

* Softer Glowing Skin

*  Kid Friendly  

Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter 

Instructions: Twist open the top to the jar until it opens. Use your fingers to take some of the Ghanaian Shea Butter from the jar. Rub the Shea Butter between both of your hands and apply to desired areas. 

Note: SevoiSuitcase Shea Butter is Grade A. When applying use a small amount (about a teaspoon) and then reapply if needed. 

Ingredients: 100% Raw Shea Butter 

Disclaimer: Even though SevoiSuitcase Skin care products are all natural we recommend doing a patch test first by putting a little amount on your hand or arm and leaving it on for 20 minutes then waiting to see how your body reacts. 



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