Naked Lip Balm

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SevoiSuitcase Naked Lip Balm is as simple as it gets with its wonderful smooth feels when applying. Our Lip Balm not only moisturize your lips for the time being but it helps repair dead skin and dry lips for the future. Prevention is key and SevoiSuitcase Lip Blam is perfect for any season. 


* Repair Dry Lips 

* Prevents dry skin

* Hydrates 

* Leaves a Natural Shine 

Instructions: Remove the cap from the Lip Balm tube. Gently rub your SevoiSuitcase Lip Balm on your lips to your desired amount. Apply daily to prevent dry/ dead skin on your lips. 

Ingredients: Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Local Beeswax, Olive Oil Blend 

Disclaimer: Even though SevoiSuitcase Skin care products are all natural we recommend doing a patch test first by putting a little amount on your hand or arm and leaving it on for 20 minutes then waiting to see how your body reacts.